Complete hotel management


SHM provides a turnkey management service for all major brand hotels throughout Utah and Southern California. Our experience and expertise allow us to gather data by doing deep research, review our findings, create, and implement a custom strategy by project to ensure that we achieve complete success with each project. Our executive corporate team are heavily involved defining and redefining strategy to impactfully promote a culture of superior product quality, outstanding service level, clear communication, exceptional response time, personal accountability, and excellent organization in all areas of operations. Our result driven executive team is never afraid of demonstrating our company slogan “Whatever it Takes” with a hands-on approach to crisis management.


Our approach is to build and retain a team at each of our locations that is completely empowered and well trained to lead the operation to its maximum potential. Our formula allows our team members to focus on our mission, which is delivering an exceptional guest experience while meeting our top line revenue goals, and a bottom line that meets or exceeds our investors expectations.


Our legacy and our history will further define our journey in business. We strongly believe that our PPP (People, Product, Profit) approach has contributed heavily to “win the corner” in the past and are confident that it will continue to do so for all our future business ventures.

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