Investors / Asset Management

Transforming Opportunity Into Results

We create value from our acquisitions and developed hotels using a multidisciplinary approach to investment and asset management developed over three decades:

  • We thoroughly understand the complex interaction of a hotel as both an operating business and a real estate investment, allowing us to identify unique investment opportunities.
  • We identify prospects for improving market positioning, cash flow, and operations to maximize overall business & real estate values.
  • We create and execute strategic business plans that maximize returns on our stakeholders' invested capital, by continually increasing the market and perceived values of our hotels.

Our principle business objectives are to generate attractive returns on our invested capital and long-term growth in cash flow and maximize total returns to our stakeholders. Our strategies for achieving our business objectives include the following key elements:

  • Active asset management
  • Selective hotel acquisition and development
  • Opportunistic hotel redevelopment, renovation and expansion
  • Franchise rebranding
  • Capital redeployment
  • Innovative management practices

We create value by developing or acquiring premium-branded hotels that are located in growth markets or that offer expansion and renovation opportunities.

Our Development team has achieved significant results in completing qualitative projects in record time and in a few cases underspent on budgeted development costs and saved nearly ½ million dollars.

It is clearly due to our expertise – that we have achieved success and proven track record in all facets of hospitality development and operations – a program and heritage that all of our current and exclusive investors enjoy significant returns on their investments.